Pyramid on Nile River in Africa

Grat Seal of the United States of America, commissioned in 1776. Meaning

The pyramid on the Great Seal is on the Nile river in North Africa. It is 12,000 years ago and represents a climate change event in Africa.
On the front-side of the pyramid, facing you, you will see plants growing (next to the Nile river) behind the words "A new order of the world" in Latin. This is after the annual rainy season foods when the water has receded.

The triggering of technology inventions to settled life, organized farming, triggered civilization and science.

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1978 "Connections" TV show from James Burke

Discusses the 12,000 year ago Africa climate change event that triggered the creation of civilization and new technology for human survival. The Nile river valley. Season 1, Episode 1 of "Connections".

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